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Classlist (www.classlist.com) has in under two years become the biggest school parent-to-parent communications network in the UK. It started solving a very simple problem - how to contact other parents at your school whilst complying with data protection regulations.

Classlist’s free app now offers sophisticated, private, and secure social networking along with advanced event management, innovative fundraising, and a marketplace where parents to put up listings, freecycle and exchange recommendations. As well as finding lost socks.

About Classlist

Classlist was launched by two school parents – Susan Burton and Clare Wright – who wanted to contact other parents at their school in Oxford. Since launch late 2015, over 2,000 UK schools have registered, either through their Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), who find it a simple, easy and cost effective way to build their parent communities, or through schools themselves looking to reduce admin costs, comply with new data protection regulations, and help raise funds.

The Classlist app is free. In fact, it’s better than that. If the school or PTAs introduce appropriate local advertisers, a proportion of advertising revenue is shared back with the PTA. Our blog shows the first four figure cheques being presented to school heads by their PTAs in autumn 2017. Given increasing budgetary pressures this new funding source will be welcome in any school. Classlist advertisers cannot access any information on parents and Classlist does not pass them any personal data.

Classlist has been embraced by every type of school across the UK - from small state primaries, to the biggest independent boarding schools, to special needs schools where parents can really benefit from connecting. Classlist is particularly helpful for school heads and PTAs seeking to meet 2018 data protection (GDPR) requirements, as we enable lawful sharing of parent contact details. To be confident of this we have engaged one of the UK’s top law firms whose Opinion shows how our procedures and processes comply. Classlist is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and certified through the UK government backed Cyber Essentials scheme. Through helping build stronger parent communities Classlist also helps schools progress against OFSTED’s new “parental engagement” metric.

Classlist is a UK-based company based in Oxford. Along with its full time team Classlist has built a thriving network of Ambassadors leading PTAs across the country, who have become experts in managing and developing online communities – a highly valued skill set in the modern job market.

Classlist’s mission

Creating happier school communities where parents are there for each other