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Advertise your business to thriving school communities

Classlist is the UK's largest school parent-to-parent communications network with over 2000 schools registered - from tiny primary schools in Cornwall to independent boarding schools in Scotland

Each week tens of thousands of parents access the platform to communicate with each other; organise events; volunteer; fundraise and share information.

Classlist helps you reach a highly targeted audience of school parents

Benefits of advertising on Classlist

1. Support school communities

Classlist is funded by sponsors - local, regional and national. In addition, 25% of revenue is shared back with school communities who work with us to secure sponsorship.

2. Develop targeted campaigns that fit

You are in control and can select a single school or develop a campaign focused on a region or type of school. This ensures your business reaches a highly targeted audience of school parents.

3. Control over where your advertisement is published

You have options over where and how your advertisement is presented on Classlist. Our team will guide you on what will work best for your business.

4. Stand out from the competition

All Classlist display sponsors are sector exclusive. This means that once you have signed up to sponsor a Classlist site your business will never be fighting for attention alongside your competitors.

5. Become a Classlist partner

Sponsor businesses are featured on each school site so that parents understand what they do and how they contribute to supporting the school community.

Advertising options

Classlist offers opportunities for both display and directory advertising.

Display Advertising

In stream and on web pages

Advertisements are integrated within the main content stream on the Classlist app. There are also banner positions on Classlist webpages.

Email based

A summary of relevant content is emailed to parents each week and sponsor advertisements are integrated with user content.

Business Directory advertising

Sponsors feature in each school’s Business Directory of local and national suppliers. Campaigns are designed and managed via a self-service platform making it incredibly easy to modify your advertisement or extend your activity.

Classlist does not share parent data with advertisers. Adverts appear alongside member messages.