Quick and easy fundraising

Classlist is not only a free app for your community, it can also raise funds for your school! When you put us in touch with local sponsors who want to promote their services to your parents we will share the revenue directly with you.

So much easier fundraising than various other options you have as a Parents' Association

"We’ve been using Classlist to get sponsorship to help raise funds for our PSA and also to find local businesses, that parents might be interested in, to put on the site… We are finding this to be a very easy process. Not too time consuming.

It’s been brilliant. We’ve raised £1,700 already and that is in the first two months of starting to look for sponsors for our Classlist site. So much easier fundraising than various other options you have as a Parents' Association."

Lin Skinner, PSA Treasurer, Sydenham High

£1,135 to Botley School, Oxford

£930 to City of London Freemen's School

£880 to Windmill Primary School, Oxford

£1,733 to St George's, Weybridge

£1,660 to Christchurch Cathedral School

£1,200 to Ravenscourt Park Prep School

£1,700 to Sydenham High School

£1,175 to St George's Weybridge

£540 to Western Primary School

As soon as Classlist is established at your school then you can start to raise money through the platform. Classlist has already given back thousands of pounds to go towards new floodlights, climbing walls, IT equipment, well being areas and a huge number of other worthwhile causes.

How does it work?

Classlist is entirely free for users – we cover our costs thanks to sponsorship from a small number of carefully selected, parent-focused businesses.

To ensure that the sponsors are relevant we want to hear about the go-to businesses in your community that are looking to promote their services to a family audience. If parents at a school introduce sponsors to us then we share the revenue with the parents’ association or with the school directly.

How does my school get involved?

It’s a straightforward process; parents propose local businesses who may be interested in reaching other parents at your school. They submit these suggestions via an online form, and we take it from there! Our team will get in touch with the potential sponsors to talk through the next steps, providing expert advice and ensuring they go live on your site as soon as possible. And when we receive payment, we share the revenue back with you!

To find out more please contact our sponsorship team at