Testimonials from head teachers

2018 Head Teacher Highlights

Richard Murray, Head Teacher, Christ Church Cathedral School

Josephine Marsh, Head Teacher, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Carl Howes, Headmaster of Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School

Lynn Knapp, Head Teacher at Windmill Primary School

Matthew Godfrey, Deputy Head, Caterham School

Richard Mead, Head Teacher at Valley End Infant School

John Baugh, Head Teacher, Dragon School Oxford 2002-2017

Fears of creating a mini-mumsnet were unfounded

We have been using Classlist successfully for the last academic year.

Any initial fears that the site could turn into a mini-mumsnet were unfounded. It has really helped parents share contact details which we, as a school, aren't now allowed to give out due to data protection issues. As a result of this new parents can be quickly assimilated into the school community and questions and knowledge about the school shared.

Annie McNeile, Head of Dragon School Pre-Prep, Lynams

Classlist has plugged such a gap

Classlist is the most fantastic thing. It has plugged such a gap.

Releasing information to parents is a nightmare for the school office. Classlist is parent-run, which is brilliant

Matthew Godfrey, Deputy Head at Caterham School, Surrey

Testimonials from Class Reps and PTAs

Kate Fry, PTA Chair Newnham Croft

Amanda Moss, PTA Chair, University of Cambridge Primary

Lin Skinner, Treasurer of Sydenham High PSA

Allison Cornell, Class Rep, Phil & Jims C of E Primary School

Zoe Crone, PTA Chair, St Josephs

Catherine Graham, Ravenscourt PTA Chair

Classlist brings parents back into the school community

Parents often tell me they feel isolated if they can’t get to the school in person but Classlist has brought them back into the school community.

I’ve made friends through Classlist. We adopted it recently and not only did I get an invitation to Christmas drinks from someone I didn’t know before, but also we used it to organize the teacher’s Christmas present and presentation – which the other parents really appreciated.

Jude Mills, Class Rep at Newnham Croft Primary, Cambridge

It is designed to be parent-run, which is brilliant.

Classlist is the most fantastic thing, as both a parent and a school administrator at two different schools using it. We moved back from living abroad with 3 children and would have loved to have had Classlist at the time to ask other parents questions when we arrived, and to meet people. Classlist has plugged such a gap. It is designed to be parent-run, which is brilliant. And working in a school office it is a nightmare to deal with releasing information to parents, so it is fantastic for schools too if parents are using Classlist

Susan Trantor, Administrator at Reigate St Mary's School and Class Rep at Caterham School

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