What's New

March 2019

Quicker, easier payments for tickets

In our latest release, parents can now buy tickets directly with their bank card on Classlist and will have a much better user experience on mobile

PTAs tell us that selling tickets on Classlist with multiple ticket types, the ability to ask parents a question on check out (such as if their child has an allergy), downloading ticket lists before their event, and not having to handle the money saves them lots of time and effort - and that many events sell out within minutes of going on sale. By making it even easier for parents to buy tickets on Classlist, on whatever device they are on, PTAs should see even more support for their events. How have we done it? We've integrated a new payment system called Stripe and taken lots of care over the UX design.

In addition to the better experience for parents, Stripe's lower standard fee for payments also makes it more cost effective for PTAs to use and less imperative to apply for charitable status with the payment provider - important as we are told this is a very time consuming process for PTAs.

With the integration of this new service we have introduced a platform fee of 0.5% on tickets sold of £3 and above, it's a small contribution towards the costs of providing an event ticketing service. It works out as 3p on a ticket of £5. Tickets below £3.00 are still free, meaning PTAs can still use the system for their smaller events. We are committed to supporting school communities and have set a highly competitive rate when compared to other ticketing providers.

If you have an existing event running using PayPal, don't worry. We are continuing to support existing events set up with PayPal however we will be removing PayPal for new events soon.

February 2019

Final_ Successful Community Playbook_Feb19 (1)-compressed.pdf

Download our playbook

Our playbook " How To Build A Successful School Community THAT WILL GROW; THRIVE AND GENERATE FUNDS NOW AND FOR YEARS TO COME" is now available to to Classlist Ambassadors. Here is the link to download

Check out our knowledge centre for additional supporting materials.

Plus, here is a link to our PTA fundraising form